“La pelle dell’orso” (The Bearskin), at cinemas now

03 November 2016

From today, cinemas are screening the film “La pelle dell’orso” (The Bearskin). Based on the novel of the same name by Matteo Righetto, the film aims to celebrate the solemn beauty of the mountains, of the Veneto mountains, through a spiritual and physical journey. Set amongst the slopes, meadows and woods of the UNESCO Dolomite's Val di Zoldo, it tells the story of a father and son who, to get by and scrape together some money, set out to hunt the devil, an old and terrible bear which terrorizes the valley. This challenge, set during the 1950s, will also prove to be an opportunity for father and son to get to know one another and create a special bond they never had previously.
The scenes were shot in various locations around Val Pramper, the architecture of Forsenighe and La Veda.

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