Saint Vigilio church

The Saint Vigilio church is located inside the cemetery in Molveno and dates back to the XIII century. It is dedicated to Saint Vigilio, the bishop of Trent.

Because of its architecture, this building has been protected by Trent Autonomous Province as a cultural heritage. The restoration of its walls and frescoes took place in the years 1991 - 1995. The external façade, protected by the roof, is enriched by a series of frescoes which decorate the upper part; a precious Roman portal incorporates a lunette frescoed with images of the "Redeemer, the Madonna and Saint John".  
The Romanic style can be clearly identified in the grey stone structure; the apse richly frescoed, the external walls perfectly preserved and the majestic fresco representing The Last Supper in the northern wall, should be noted. The gothic  extension dates back to 1536. As the plaster felt off, it revealed a fragment of Crucifixion and part of the frieze which enriched the vault.
The altar has geometric frescoes. The sacristy was added in 1875.  

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