On pursuit of fresh air

Event date from: 10-05-2021 to: 20-05-2021

On pursuit of fresh air from 10 to 20 May for new adventures and unique experiences. Between a dip in the frozen lake, a walk to the waterfalls, a swim in the forest, a hike at dawn and an e-bike tour.

The programme

Monday: Ice water dive
Start of the hike at 10 a.m. from the "Garner Wetterkreuz" car park above Caerna/Velturno. After a 2-hour ascent (difference in altitude approx. 800 m) you arrive at 2,250 m at Lake Rodella (Radlsee). The guide Monika explains the breathing technique of Wim Hof (Ice-Man) with which everyone can try to take a dip in the frozen water in the lake. Lunch at the Lago Rodella hut, a short walk from the lake.
Dates: 10.05.2021 - 17.05.2021
Guide: Monika Engl
Other: bring a blanket or towels
Participation fee: 20,00 €

Tuesday: Experience waterfalls
Start of the hike at 10 a.m. from Barbian to the Barbian waterfalls: 
- water stories
- special techniques for breathing and feeling water ions
- arm and foot baths according to the Kneip method
- tour of the Trechiese
- tasting of healing water
- lunch break in a restaurant
- visit to the herb farm "Oberpalwitter".
Dates: 11.05.2021 - 18.05.2021
Guide: Rosmarie Rabanser
Participation fee: 20,00 €

Wednesday: Forest bathing
Experience nature with all the senses, enjoy time for yourself, inspiration from nature
Dates: 12.05.2021 - 19.05.2021
Guide: Monika Engl
Participation fee: 20,00 

Friday: Sunrise hike
Experience the moment when a new day dawns, take a deep breath and start the day with pure energy. We set off early when it is still dark to reach the Chiesetta dei Morti to await the exciting greeting of the first sparkling rays of the sun. Alpine breakfast with local products at the Stöfflhütte hut
Date: 14.05.2021
Guide: Monika Engl
Participation fee: 20,00 €

Saturday: E-Bike Tour
Departure from Chiusa - cycle path to Ponte Gardena - visit of Castel Forte (Trost-burg) - Colma - S. Ingenuino - Briol - Trechiese - Villandro - Chiusa
Date: 15.05.2021
Altitude difference: approx. 700-800 m
Walking time: about 4 hours
Guide: Martin Reichhalter
Participation fee: 20,00 €