Maize and polenta

...Columbus' discovery

Besides the disputes, the real fact is that Columbus' discovery had, first of all, the merit of making the most of the New World potential, and starting the

Lamon bean

Beans are called "the poors meat" by many people, since they possess several nourishing and energy-giving properties. Lamon bean, cultivated in the lamon and Sovramonte districts, is selected

The speck

Speck production is one of the main tradition of farm life and the secrets of its manufacture have been jalously kept and passed on from father to son for centuries. This is the reason why any

Ancient flavors of Belluno

The food of Belluno is a mountain food, which has its origins in the Dolomitic ground: sober, simple, essential, but that does not mean poor, thanks to all those natural ingredients, that

Trentino old flavours

Since always people think mountain cuisine to be poor in taste and aspect, but in fact it is nourishing and essential too. There are several ways to cook Trentino dishes, from canederli to

Ancient flavors of South Tyrol

The cuisine of South Tyrol is rich of delicious and genuine ingredients that, in part, recall the Austrian tastes and flavors. It can create exquisite combinations that can satisfy also the

Trentino typical products

When you talk about Trentino, the first thing you certainly remind of is the apple, symbol of this region. However, you cannot forget the many other products that this land offers, such as red

Picnic areas in the Bellunese

The picnic areas in the Bellunese include built-in grills and picnic tables with benches. The facilities blend beautifully with the landscape and are at the disposal of all visitors who want to

The picnic areas in Selva di Cadore

Picnic areas in the Municipaly of Selva di Cadore are located near "I Palui" and Baita Flora Alpina. Direct access from the highway that leads from Selva di Cadore to Passo Staulanza. The pic

The picnic areas in Feltrino

Picnic areas in Feltrino:

Municipality of Cesiomaggiore
Place: Lake Busche
Managed by: pro loco Busche
Tel: +39 0439 391468
Opening time: year-round
Accessible by bus: yes Bar: 200 meters

The picnic areas in Falcade

Picnic areas in Falcade:

Place: playground
Tel: +39 0437 590138
Opening time: from May 15 to September 30
Accessible by bus: yes
Restrooms: yes
Bar: on-site
Trekking tours: on the trails of

The picnic areas in Alpago

Picnic areas in Alpago:

  • Municipality of Chies d'Alpago
    Place: Cate (Cima Gardel)
    Managed by: pro loco Chies
    Tel: +39 0437 470193
    Opening time: year-round
    Accessible by bus: yes

Cross-country skiing trails

Cross-country skiing lovers can practice this sport in the forests and meadows surrounding the area


  • Falcade: "Pietro Scola" cross-country ski tracks
  • Canale d'Agordo:

The lakes of Cortina d'Ampezzo

Besides a lively, upper class social life and perfect ski runs, the queen of the Dolomites Cortina boasts also a natural environment rich of attractions. Among these, worth a mention, and of

Legend of the Agordo lake

A legend tells that the basin on which Agordo rises was once full of water. Two parents watched helplessly as Agordo, their son, slipped into the lake, and thus summoned Saint Martin, who