Chiusa: the charm of the Middle Ages in Valle Isarco

Chiusa lies on the benches of the Isarco river, between Bolzano and Bressanone, in an enchanting landscape overlooked by the imposing complex of the Sabiona Convent and by the Dolomites and the Sarntal Alps.

Chiusa is known as the "town of artists" and is included in the list of the "most beautiful villages in Italy". It combines the charm of its old medieval center, with its lanes and its monuments, with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, among vineyards, chestnuts and forests.
There are endless historical buildings, such as the Apostle Church, the Capuchin Church, the imposing parish church and the old Capuchin convent, which hosts the City Museum with the Treasure of Loreto, a precious collection of sacred and artistic objects. Halfway between Chiusa and the hamlet of Lazfons you can admire the Gernstein castle.

Over the village there is one of the oldest pilgrimage destination in South Tyrol, the Sabiona Convent also called the "Tyrolean acropolis", charming not only for its beautiful architecture and for the art treasures it preserves, but also because of its panoramic position.

Green slopes, chestnut woods, plateaus and imposing peaks offer many hiking opportunities. For example along the Ketschnweg (sweet chestnut) trail, from Varna to Bolzano.

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Plenty of sport and fun at Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno, and Villandro Plenty of sport and fun at Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno, and Villandro
Plenty of sport and fun at Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno, and Villandro

There is no lack of fun at Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno, and Villandro. In any season of the year, you’ll be able to go wild enjoying one of the many activities offered. In winter, you can chose from excursions, snow-shoeing, skiing, sledding, and winter Nordic walking. In summer, a hike on one of the many trails, a mountain bike ride, horseback riding, a game of tennis, climbing, or an iron way will give you the gift of unforgettable moments.

An all-out sporting vacation An all-out sporting vacation
An all-out sporting vacation

Located in the heart of South Tyrol, the holiday region of Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno, and Villandro offers many leisure opportunities in every season. In winter, it is the...

Located in the heart of South Tyrol, the holiday region of Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno, and Villandro offers many leisure opportunities in every season. In winter, it is the perfect destination for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing. In summer, it is an ideal location for hiking or horseback riding, climbing, an iron way, a game of tennis on the courts of Chiusa, Barbiano, and Velturno, or sport fishing in the Rio Tinne in Chiusa (with a daily permit) or in the lakes and streams of the valley (unlicensed fishing). Another way to discover the beauty of the landscapes of the Dolomites is by taking a mountain bike ride along the paths of Valle Isarco or along the special routes running directly from various locations and allow you to ride all the way up to the Alpe di Villandro, Barbiano, and Velturno.

In every season of the year, the tourist region of Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno, and Villandro is a paradise for hikers. During the winter season, there are many paths that allow you to walk in all tranquility far from the ski slopes and in the peacefulness of snowy forests. In summer, the area offers countless alternatives; the gastronomy paths, adventure trails, circular hiking trails, and paths for families. The three gastronomy routes are the perfect opportunity to taste local products, what farmers once ate during the holidays, and these are: the Chestnut Trail, the Wine Trail, and the Barbiano Prune Trail. The adventure trails "Minerals and crystals", "Rural tradition: the guardian of the land", and "Regional products and their creators" allow you to come into contact with rural culture and traditional crafts. The circular paths are perfect for even the most demanding of tourists who seek an active holiday with the same departure and arrival point, winding through the valley floor, passing through castles and fortresses, through vineyards and orchards, and rise up to the alpine pastures of the Dolomites. Among these, the circular hiking Alpe di Villandro, is of particular note: this impressive plateau located in the heart of the Sarentine Alps offers paths of varying difficulty along breathtaking views of the imposing Dolomites.

The area also offers varied offerings for families: hiking, bread making, educational tours, and climbing. Whether along the Chestnut Trail, during exciting walks, museum visits, or on Alpine pastures, fun, sport and relaxation are guaranteed.

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