Sella Group: cycling and skiing

The Sella Group is one of the mountain groups of the Dolomites and extends on two regions, three provinces and four valleys. This imposing massif lies in fact between Trentino Alto Adige and

Giau Pass

The Giau Pass is a mountain pass connecting Cortina d'Ampezzo with Selva di Cadore and Val Fiorentina in the province of Belluno. The pass is extremely scenic, since from here you have a view

The Pyramids of Segonzano

The Pyramids of Segonzano or Earth Pyramids rise in the municipality of Segonzano, in the Valle di Cembra valley, along the bed of the Alvisio stream. The pyramids are a geologic phenomenon

Marzemino gentile

Marzemino was called "Mozart's wine", since the musician quoted it in his Don Juan, but this is a too limiting description for one of the oldest wines of Italy, since it would be more proper to

Summer skiing in Trentino and South Tyrol

Some areas of the Dolomites are suitable for summer skiing. On the glaciers in fact you can often ski from May to October, depending on snow conditions. The places where you can ski under the

Infrared sauna

Now in the wellness centers you can find the infrared sauna, a new type of sauna having many beneficial effects on your health and on your general well-being. The heat created reduces pain and

Laconicum and tepidarium

The laconicum, the dry sweating room of the Roman thermal baths, is the perfect alternative if you can't use a traditional sauna. It is ideal to prevent diseases and to strengthen the immune

The Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna, often present in the wellness centers, is an excellent technique to relax yourself and to purify your skin. The sauna is a dry heat bath used to increase immune defenses,

Tropical shower

A tropical shower will give you the sensation of being in a tropical forest: differentiated jets of waters with special aromas and chromotherapy. A warm orange light and a delightful fragrance


Biosauna is the perfect compromise between a Finnish sauna and a steam bath. The not too high temperature and a humidity level between 50% and 70% make this a sauna particularly appreciated by

Wrought iron handicraft

While the wood arts and crafts reached its climax at the end of the Renaissance, especially in Val Gardena, the iron manufacturing found its origins in the Medieval period. In fact, the ground

Garda Lake

The main characteristic of Garda Lake is certainly the climate that, deeply influenced by the Presence of the lake, is typically Mediterranean and has mild winter temperatures.
The delightful

The origin of Trentino Lakes

Trentino Lakes has been considered a little ocean in the heart of the Dolomites.
The origin of these basins, which represented an oasis in a desert of rocks for hunters, is in the Quaternary

Lamar Lake

Lamar Lake was once linked to the Lago Santo.

The sheet of water, absorbed and hidden by the rich vegetation of Paganella southern slope, is fed by underground effluents and is effluent to

Castle Corba

Castle Corba towers from Boymont hill, plunged into the green of vineyards and orchards, with a view on the near town of Bolzano/Bozen.
The three floors house tower was built in the XIII