26 April 2023

TEDx returns to Bolzano for the 4th time. On 20 May, the international ideas conference based on the US TEDx model will take place at H1 - Fiera Bolzano. For the occasion there will be expert speakers from the fields of social work, research, entrepreneurship and sport to discuss their arguments, adventures, life experiences and projects, creating discussion and dialogue among the participants.

The theme of the 2023 edition is Delta, meaning the unknown magnitude of a problem, a variation, but most importantly, delta means the difference:

  • The difference between where we are today and where we need to be regarding climate change goals and human rights
  • It is the difference we must fill through actions that improve the world we live i
  • It is the diversity that distinguishes and strengthens us
  • Delta is the difference between where we are today and where we should be

Each TEDx speaker is free to decide the language of their speech and since Bolzano is an international city, talks will be held in Italian, English and German. The format is designed for everyone and no prior knowledge is necessary. The aim is just to stimulate creativity and new ideas through interesting talks.

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