Gallo Rosso - Agriturismo in Alto Adige


Discover life on a farm

The 'Gallo Rosso' (Red Rooster) consortium and its farm offer an authentic experience of South Tyrolean farming life, rich in tradition and true hospitality. Wake up in the morning, open the window and admire the awakening of nature, breath fresh air, and enjoy a typical breakfast rich in authentic products and quality produce; these are unique experiences in one of the farms of South Tyrol, as are reading a book in the "Stube" or taking a relaxing bath while watching the snowfall.

Flavors and colors of the four seasons

A holiday on one of the Gallo Rosso farms means spending magical moments away from traffic, smog, and the noises of everyday life. A holiday where silence, privacy, and tranquility reign supreme, in small structures - never more than 5 apartments –where you can completely relax. Whatever the season, guests can enjoy a unique experience in the silence of nature. In spring, warm air heats the skin, the trees are in bloom, and large green expanses are transformed into immense white and pink carpets. In the middle of this ocean of fragrances and shades, 400 farms, dedicated to the production of apples, stand out and offer the experience of a firsthand look at the workings of an apple orchard. Fresh pure air, sunny days, warm temperatures, the yearning to be outdoors, and the desire to better ones self signal the arrival of summer. Walks, mountain biking, Nordic walking, and horseback riding are the perfect ingredients for a memorable stay on the farms, 800 of which are located over 1000 meters above sea level with spectacular views of the mountains. This is also the time of the hay harvest, of picnics, and enchanting evenings under the stars. Children can also help farmers in their daily activities on the farm. Fall brings with it fiery sunsets that cast a red glow on the first yellow leaves. It is the season of wine, apples, and chestnuts, rich in traditional local events that will enable guests to discover the beauty of life on the farm, made unique by nature, traditions, and tasty goodies. In winter, the surrounding scenery is transformed into a fairytale landscape when the snow covers the meadows, houses, and trees, and animals leave their footprints forming trails that are lost among the mountains. Of the more than 1600 Gallo Rosso farms, more than 500 are located less than 5 km from the fabulous, and always snow-covered, slopes open from early December to Easter. After a hearty farmer's breakfast in the parlor, lovingly prepared by the landlady with fresh farm products such as milk, cheese, and other dairy products, bacon, jams, honey, cakes and pastries, an exciting day in the snow can start right by the front door with sledding or snowshoeing in the snow-covered meadows. Fun for young and old alike.

Gallo Rosso - Agriturismo in Alto Adige

The Consortium “Red Rooster” offers over 1600 accommodations in South Tyrol, including farms and farmhouses that offer overnight stays year-round. Its purpose is to promote the South Tyrol farmer lifestyle to everyone by combining "farmhouses in South Tyrol", "wine taverns", "quality products from the farm", and "farmer's crafts" themes. Agritourism in South Tyrol is truly a unique experience in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe: from the majestic peaks of the Dolomites to the sunny Val Venosta, from the picturesque Valle Isarco to the beautiful countryside of southern South Tyrol. The “Gallo Rosso” brand guarantees a product’s and service’s quality through strict parameters, one of which limits the maximum number of apartments to five units, or eight double rooms. The number of ‘flowers’, from one to five, indicates the quality, services, and value of the experience.

Staying in one of these establishments therefore means living in close contact with nature and discovering local farming customs and traditions. The ‘feather in the cap’ is the sincere friendliness and hospitality of the South Tyrol farmers that reigns in this intimate, yet authentic, atmosphere. There are over 13 types of farms tailored to every want and need, including those searching for an active holiday or geared toward wellness, or aimed at experiencing local flavors or for those who are simply looking for total rest away from every day stress and city chaos.

A 360 degree trip around rural culture, equally perfect for families with children thanks to the many activities available in every season. A stay in the spring means awakening in harmony with nature, from expanses of green fields to farms that teem with new life. In summer, delicious fruit matures in the gardens, collected then by farmers to serve to guests. Those who spend a holiday in the fall have a unique opportunity to closely observe the harvest of apples, chestnuts, and grapes, and wine-making in cellars. Finally, those who seeking to relax in winter, surrounded by snow, and away from the hustle and bustle, you will find the farms for children "Gallo Rosso" ideal.

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