Museion - Every Single Day - Haim Steinbach

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Bolzano Bozen

Haim Steinbach (born 1944 in Rechovot, Israel, lives and works in New York) is considered one of the most influential contemporary artists. More than twenty years after his last major exhibition in Italy, the Museion presents a solo exhibition of his works. From the very beginning, Steinbach has dealt with the concept of displays: his artistic practice finds its expression in the selection, composition and presentation of objects from everyday life. At the center of his explorations is today's examination of the modernist key elements such as form, color and composition.


The exhibition EVERY SINGLE DAY reflects on the concept of color as a dynamic element in relation to the surrounding space.


Opening 17.5.2019, at 7pm



Time table



10:00 - 18:00


Museion, Sernesistraße 1, Bozen


+39 0471 977116

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