International Museum Day



Bolzano Bozen

International Museum Day on May 19th, 2019


The international Museum Day is back! Free entry in 53 museums in South Tyrol along with activities for all ages.


Here below the museums taking part in the initiative:


- South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

- South Tyrol Museum of Natural Science

- Museion

- Civic Museum of Bolzano Bozen

- Mercantile Museum

- School Museum of Bolzano Bozen

- Permanent exhibition within the Monument to Victory

- Semirurali-House

- Museum Pons Drusi

- Cathedral Museum of Treasures

Time table



10:00 - 18:00


Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Ripartizione Musei, Via Bolzano / Boznerstraße 59 - Frangarto / Frangart, Appiano s.s.d.v - Eppan a.d.W.


+39 0471 631233

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