Bolzano Danza Tanz Bozen - MARS kids


Bolzano Bozen

Choreography: Nicola Galli

FAMILY performance


MARS kids is the children's version of the successful dance creation MARS, written by the young dancer and choreographer Nicola Galli. The piece takes place in an imaginary landscape on the planet Mars, in an unexplored area of valleys, volcanoes and deserts, which is however very similar to the earth. After several unsuccessful attempts, a body - illuminated by red and purple lights - lands there and explores the surroundings. Nicola Galli dances the conquest of the red planet in an impressive fusion of various forms of expression in a kind of space suit reminiscent of the Sci-Fi imagery of the 1970s and 80s. He colonizes it until it finally...dissolves into thin air.


Advance ticket sale

- Theatre box office on Piazza Verdi Platz

- Online

- By calling the phone number +39 0471 053800

- Tourist Board of Bolzano Bozen


Teatro Comunale Verdi - Stadttheater

Time table



18:00 - 00:00


Foundation Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento, Via Gilm str. 1/A, Bolzano Bozen


+39 0471 975031

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