Bolzano Danza Tanz Bozen - Golden Variations



Bolzano Bozen

Choreography: Camilla Monga

world premiere


Camilla Monga is a choreographer and dancer, Filippo Vignato a multiple award-winning jazz trombonist. Together they have created a dance and music project in which Tanz Bozen and the Novara Jazz Festival are co-producers. Following in the footsteps of improvised composition - the connecting element between jazz and contemporary dance - Filippo and Camilla explore all aspects of instrument and body. In Golden Variations, the entire trombone range from the lowest to the highest tone is used to take the audience into the most diverse dance worlds. Just as the trombone celebrates polyphony with allusions to old Sardinian songs, the Musique concrète, the blues and motifs from music halls and elegant rhapsodies, Camilla Monga uses her body to create these emotional worlds to compose an unpredictable sequence of strong images.


Advance ticket sale

- Theatre box office on Piazza Verdi Platz

- Online

- By calling the phone number +39 0471 053800

- Tourist Board of Bolzano Bozen


Teatro Comunale Verdi - Stadttheater, Studio

Time table



21:00 - 00:00


Foundation Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento, Via Gilm str. 1/A, Bolzano Bozen


+39 0471 975031

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