Bolzano Danza Tanz Bozen - Floe



Bolzano Bozen

Choreography: Jean-Baptiste André


Italian premiere


Floe is a dance installation created by the collaboration of the French circus artist Jean-Baptiste André with the visual artist Vincent Lamouroux. The artist performs on white irregularly shaped blocks - ice floes - which are arranged differently depending on the performance location. It is about a body's engagement with space. Between the inhospitable ice floes, a man is in search of security and support and must overcome dangers. The blocks on which he performs are inhospitable, steep and covered with a smooth surface: The man climbs and falls, slips, pauses, stands up and falls again. The exploration of this terra incognita becomes dramaturgically a poetics of pure action and also in a metaphorical sense a daring climbing tour.


Free Admission

Time table



11:30 - 13:30


Foundation Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento, Via Gilm str. 1/A, Bolzano Bozen


+39 0471 975031

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