Event date 22-05-2021

On Saturday, 22 May 2021, the BOclassic Alto Adige - San Silvestro race will take place in Bolzano. It will be a NIGHTRUN with start after 7 pm.

Every year on 31 December, the traditional international New Year's Eve athletics competition, the BOclassic, is held in the historic centre of Bolzano, with the participation of past and present Olympic, world and European champions. The course, which has remained unchanged since 1987, will take the athletes on a 1.25 km loop circuit through the streets of the historic centre, to be run a certain number of times depending on the category in which they have registered.

In addition to the men's (8 laps - 10 km) and women's (4 laps - 5 km) races, there will also be other important events, such as the amateur running tour (4 laps - 5 km) and for young people the Youth Trophy races (1 to 2 laps depending on age). There is also a Handbike category (4 laps - 5 km) for the disabled.

In addition to the BOclassic, there will also be the South Tyrol Charity Run. A non-competitive run to help others.

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