Besenello is a village situated in the Vallagarina valley, on the left bank of the river Adige. Thanks to its position it enjoys a temperate climate, that allows the growing of vineyards and orchards. The resort has a remarkable historical value thanks to the imposing construction of Castle Beseno and its churches, and an interesting naturalistic value brought by the Nature Reserve of Scanuppia and the numerous walking tracks. Besides, it offers also some noteworthy cultural and culinary events, such as the Portobeseno Festival and the Golden Muscat Festival.

Its important historical and artistic value is represented, first of all, by Castle Beseno, the largest stronghold of Trentino which occupies the whole area of a hill, and became the annex of the Museum of Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento after being reconstructed. Nowadays it hosts several events and historical reenactments. S. Agata Church preserves two large headstones of the Trapp family, the lords of Castle Beseno, and also S. Marina Church, is worth a visit, for its Romanesque structure.

Regarding the natural highlights of Besenello, visitors should not miss the Nature Reserve of Scanuppia, which is placed on the Vigolana Massif and measures 583 hectares. The area represents an ideal reserve for several species of animals, such as capercailzies, eagles and roe deers. The territory offers a lot of walking and mountain biking tracks to choose from: the better-known 'emperor's track' was created originally for military purpose, it starts in Acquaviva, follows an uphill road and leads to the Holy Trinity Church, once here you can enjoy a spectacular view on the gorge of the Rio Secco river; close to the town there is also the Vallagarina cycle track, that follows the course of the Adige river and connects the city of Brennero to Verona.

Among the best-known events there are the Portobeseno Festival, an exhibition based on themes like memory, sounds and territory perspectives, which are described by multimedia technologies and take place in June inside Castle Beseno; the Magnalonga, a culinary walking tour among vineyards and castles around Vallagarina organized in September; the Golden Muscat Festival that takes place in Castle Beseno in Oktober, and the historical reenactments that take place inside the castle every weekend from the end of July to the beginning of September.

Azienda per il Turismo Rovereto e Vallagarina • Avenue Rosmini, 6 - 38068 Rovereto ( TN )

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Beseno Castle

This is the greatest fortified building not in an urban area in the whole Trentino. It has been the protagonist of many battles such as the Calliano one in 1487 and inspired many legends.
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Azienda per il Turismo Rovereto e Vallagarina • Avenue Rosmini, 6 - 38068 Rovereto ( TN )
Family and Children
Holiday offer at the Christmas markets in Rovereto

Holiday offer at the Christmas markets in Rovereto

Every day at the Christmas markets of Rovereto you are going to find handicrafts, typical products from Trentino and sweets, walking through the historical centre with its beautiful ancient buildings.

from 57 €

Family and Children
Holiday on the snow: children stay for free

Holiday on the snow: children stay for free

Low-cost holiday with fullboard accommodation: entertainment for children, skipasses and skiing lessons in Polsa – San Valentino in the Natural Park Monte Baldo!

from 441 €

Art and culture

Cultural weekend in Trentino

Your cultural holiday in Trentino: a weekend between the town centre of Ala and MART, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto.

from 76 €

Family and ChildrenFamily and Children

Monte Baldo, Trentino snow nearest your home Monte Baldo, Trentino snow nearest your home
Monte Baldo, Trentino snow nearest your home

The nearest ski area in Trentino, just 20 km from the Rovereto Sud A22 exit, is waiting for you! Live, discover, and enjoy the Monte Baldo Park: a unique environment, with stunning views from Garda to the Brenta Dolomites. On the plateau of Brentonico, children can take their first steps on the snow in the ski schools of Polsa and San Valentino. For children aged 3 years and up, the specially purposed "Polsa First Steps," an easy descent with gymkhana and ascent on conveyor belts. At San Valentino, "Happy Snow" is a snowy playground with free and open access, where kids can play and have fun! From January to March, the plateau of Brentonico offers convenient free snow weeks for children.

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Summer in the mountain between Baldo and Pasubio

Hiking and mountain bike tracks, cycle tracks along the Via Claudia Augusta, climbing walls and vie ferrate, paragliding and hang-gliding schools. This is the world you can discover around Rovereto in the Baldo, Biaena, Stivo, Pasubio and Zugna mountains, on the Lessini Plateau and the Piccole Dolomiti.