The Belluno Dolomites in Sanremo

24 January 2023

The Belluno Dolomites will be the protagonists at the 2023 Italian Song Festival in Sanremo with meetings, TV and radio broadcasts, and the press room. Everything will focus on the Province of Belluno to make its beautiful mountains, culture, flavours and traditions known.

In an area of no less than 250 square metres, the Belluno territory will tell its story to guests, who will go from looking at the sea to the view of the Pelmo and Civetta, who will be able to enjoy an aperitif or taste typical local products. The Belluno staff will have the opportunity to talk with special guests and selected guests. There will also be a stage with a public area that will host various TV programmes, including the morning cooking show, where a starred chef from Belluno will present the best recipes from the area.

Hotel Bellunese and environs