150 years of united Italy

13 December 2018

On March 1861 Italy was formed from the unification of seven different states. This year, on 17th march, the 150th anniversary will be celebrated, even if the celebrations have actually already begun one year ago. Many events have been planned: some of them are devoted to the Places of Memory all over the country, others to historical reenactments and cultural and scientific highlights. Furthermore, new infrastructures will be built. All initiatives are coordinated by a special Committee, which was instituted two years ago.

5th May 2010 - Quarto
The expedition of the Thousand - Development and requalification of the surroundings of Quarto

6th June 2010 - Turin
Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour

4th November 2010 - Rome
Armed Forces Day

7th January 2011 - Reggio Emilia
Italian Tricolor Day

17th March 2011 - Italy
National Day

17th March- Rome
The Roman Republic

11th May 2011 - Marsala
The landing of the Thousand

16th June - Crotone
The Bandiera brothers

24th June- San Martino
The Battle

26th June - Turin
Parco Dora - Park of Memory

4th July - Caprera
Giuseppe Garibaldi - Forte Arbuticci

4th August - Comacchio
Anita Garibaldi

5th September - Pisa
Giuseppe Mazzini - restoration of the Domus Mazziniana

26th October 2011 - Teano
The King meets Garibaldi

Furthermore, many exhibitions and conferences.

And what about the Dolomites?

The Val di Fiemme valley celebrates the Unification of Italy with music events like Dolomiti Ski Jazz and with walks under the moonlight, whereas in Belluno and Feltre there will be meetings and choral performances of hyms.

Belluno, Liceo Classico Tiziano
2 March "The mysterious origins of the Italian flag"
30 March "Italian unity, linguistic unity"

Belluno and Feltre
17 March "Italy on stage", songs and hyms of the Italian Risorgimento performed by the "Città di Goito" band, and reading of passages.
Moreover, on the eve of the celebration day, there will be the event the Tricolour Night, with music and entertainment.

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