Curiosity and insights on the Dolomites of Trentino, South Tyrol, Bellunese and Friuli

Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage. The bid was approved!

26th June 2009, unanimous agreement for the Dolomites

26th June 2009: the Dolomites, a paradise with an extraordinary landscape value, have been declared unanimously World Heritage Natural

Wine and food tour in the Bellunese

To fully appreciate the places in which you choose to spend your holidays, you should do more than just admire the beautiful landscapes: try for example enjoying the fragrances coming from a

Maize and polenta

...Columbus' discovery

Besides the disputes, the real fact is that Columbus' discovery had, first of all, the merit of making the most of the New World potential, and starting the

Picnic areas in the Bellunese

The picnic areas in the Bellunese include built-in grills and picnic tables with benches. The facilities blend beautifully with the landscape and are at the disposal of all visitors who want

The picnic areas in Feltrino

Picnic areas in Feltrino:

Municipality of Cesiomaggiore
Place: Lake Busche
Managed by: pro loco Busche
Tel: +39 0439 391468
Opening time: year-round
Accessible by bus: yes Bar: 200 meters

Protected Areas and Natural Parks in the Province of Belluno

In the Province of Belluno there are around 15 protected areas including National Parks and National Reserves. Specifically there are:

- National Park of Dolomiti Bellunesi, kmq 320
- Natural

Basilica of the Saints Vittore and Corona

In front of the town of Feltre, three km southwards, on a rocky spur on Mount Miesna, lies the basilica of the Saints Vittore and Corona, patrons of Feltre. The structure had been built upon

The legends of the Saints Vittore and Corona

Since 1096, when the building of the sanctuary was started on Mount Miesna, there is a rich documentation of the devotion of people from Feltre to the two martyrs, which feast is celebrated in

The pilgrimage

The strong devotion of Feltre people to those two martyrs is particularly expressed in the pilgrimage, which is done following a special ritual and has been handed down from the past. It is

Feltre- Via Mezzaterra

The colourful frescoed walls of Feltre's palaces are one of the most interesting features of this town. They bear witness to a rich, powerful and cultivated society that lived and prospered

The frescoes - Sanctuary of the Saints Vittore and Corona

The interior of the church has been frescoed several times, superimposing thin layers of plaster in four centuries. What is common in all the images is the immediate didactic function. The aim

Climbing in the Dolomites - Feltrino

For the winter period we suggest the beautiful practice wall in Valle di Schievenin (Monte Grappa, access from Alano di Piave), while for the summer we point out that:

- On Vette di Feltre

Climbing in the Dolomites Bellunese

A short and modest practice wall for the training periods is that of "sassi delle Masière" of Mas, with different difficulties. Here there is also a boulder area. It is not so attended and the

The Bellunesi Dolomites National Park

Established in 1990, operative since 1994, this is the only national park in the North-East of Italy: it is quite vast, and may be extended, one day, in order to cover also the neighbouring

Cross-country skiing on Monte Avena

Monte Avena, small ski area in the region of Feltrino, has some cross-country skiing trails on the summit called "Campon", that thanks to its wide plains is perfect for practicing this winter