Curiosity and insights on the Dolomites of Trentino, South Tyrol, Bellunese and Friuli

3 itineraries for the whole family

Who said that with children in strollers you are limited in your movements? Small and not so small can experience the Dolomites, even if they are still equipped with a means of locomotion. As

#albeinmalga: mountain pastures built for families

For those who love the mountains and want to discover the joys of alpinism in an unusual way during the summer months, there is #albeinmalga.

Designed for big and small, this initiative

3 ideal panoramas in the Dolomites for Instagram

Tourist destinations are confronted with technology and with the thrill of a great photo: here are three breathtaking views of the Dolomites, suitable for the entire family, and also perfect

The long road of the Dolomites by electric bicycle

There are several ways to explore the Dolomites: the electric bike is one of them. Even when it comes to the whole family. Comfortable and environmentally friendly, the e-bike is the right way

Mount Elmo for children

Discover nature venturing on a dog sled

Discover nature by dog sled
Dog sledding is an alternative sporting activity to classic skiing that can be experienced by the entire family. It is a winter sport very common in the United

Apple harvest with children

October is the queen of fruits month and there are many festivals that celebrate the apple harvest and that offer the possibility of a family experience.
Every year in the second weekend of

Passport to the Dolomites for trekking lovers

Just like a normal passport, the Passport to the Dolomites was created a few years ago. For those accustomed to travelling, the Passport represents not only a travel document, but a collection

Snow tubing: 5 locations for families

Snow tubing is the new sport suitable for the entire family. Big and small can have fun sliding down the snow, using single or double seater snow tubes, similar to those used for river

Nanno Castle

This castle is the most "Italian" one in Trentino, so that the legend says it had been projected by Andrea Palladio. Its imposing structure was wanted by Family Madruzzo in the second half of

Stenico Castle

Stenico is one of the oldest castles in Trentino, and is an important example of the evolution of a stronghold. Through the centuries, the castle had became a symbol of the temporal power of

Toblino Castle

This excellent example of lake fortress is remembered first of all for the many romantic adventures and tragedies of its owners. It belonged to many families in the course of the centuries,

Thun Castle

Until few years ago the castle belonged to the family Thun, but nowadays it belongs to the Autonomous Province of Trent. The castle lies on a hill and distinguishes for its imposing walls, the

Drena Castle

Castle Drena was the stronghold which garrisoned the old road of the Cavedine valley, at the foot of which there is the great slide of the Marocche. The castle lies in an area much frequented

Arco Castle

The Arco Castle is the real pearl of the city: the restoration carried out recently brought it back to the splendor of the past, giving new life to the history of the counts of the Counts of