Taialacqua Old Sawmill


It was founded in 1500, as a cooperative, by Molveno inhabitants, under the request of their priest don Taialacqua, who strongly desired to improve the conditions of the population.

Then, along the stream "Molini", derived from the river Massò, many other sawmills, nowadays disappeared, were built. For that reason this valley, which from the "Ischia" plain winds in the heart of the Dolomites of Brenta, was named "Val delle Seghe", i.e. Sawmills Valley.    

The sawmill was, and is moved by water. The water of the stream "Molini" moves a shovel which actions a connecting rod and transforms the wheel movement into the vertical one of a blade which cuts the trunks.

The products of this work were the planks called "Molvene", from 6 to 10 millimetres thick and traded in the Riva del Garda area.

The owners of the sawmill, according to the shares, divided equally the days of work.