The Viles of Val Badia

The Viles are compact centers, exposed to the sun, where houses and barns surrounded from vegetable gardens, fields and meadows are grouped. These agglomerates are an evidence of the capability of the population of reaching an harmonious integration with nature. They are characterized by underpasses created by the barns' ramps, the precious little squares with their fountains, the accesses from the fields, the bread ovens and the "favas", where legumes are dried.

The Viles are very important from a social point of view: actually they are not only a group of houses but also a community based on solidarity and fraternity, where a proper balance between man and environment can be still recognized. The survival of the Viles until nowadays has been undoubtedly made easier by the ancient rule of the "close farmstead" still alive in the whole Alto Adige, according to which the rural property is exclusively due to the eldest son.