The legends of Pietralba

The chapel: According to the tradition, the Madonna appeared to the farmer Leonardo Weissensteiner in 1547. He addressed to Holy Mary because health diseases tore him, and in exchange for healing She asked him to build a chapel and then, from here he would have tolled a bell in order to draw people to pray. Leonardo accepted this covenant and was healed. But soon he forgot his promise and returned to his daily routine. Some years later he fell ill again. Pain tormented him when, one day, in the solitude of the wood, the Madonna appeared again to him. She blamed him for not having kept his word. Leonardo promised he would have built the chapel as soon as he was back home and so he did. He built the chapel and every evening he tolled the bell so that all the people of the plateau could listen to it and pray.

The statue of the Pietà: There are two legends about the origin of the statue, which sacredness consists of the fact that it has always been in the Sanctuary since its very origin in the XVI century. According to the first legend. Leonardo found the statue while he was digging the foundations of the chapel. The second one, on the contrary, says the farmer found it on a tree. This second legend is more reliable since it was quite common to put statues of Madonnas or of Saints on the trees in order to recall their protection.