Once upon a time...

Arabba is one of the most important ladin villages in the Dolomites. Its history begins in the second half of the 17th Century, with the Church devoted to the apostles Peter and Paul. There is only a few information of the previous period. According to the legend, a catastrophe destroyed the valley: only two families could be saved, one on the Pizzach, the other on the Cherz height. In a dark and silent night, someone lit a fire, and someone answered by lighting another fire, so that the families met again and rebuilt the village together.
Even if this is only a legend, there is something true in it: the name Arabba, Rèba in ladin, comes from royba, landslide, or rebia, the avalanche or the overflowing torrent. Furthermore, on the slope of the Burz mountain there is a cross which was always called The old church by the inhabitants. May be this was the place where the old town rose.