Dante in Rovereto

Certainly, Rovereto was well-known since ancient time for the beauty and suggestion of its architectures, porticos, narrow medieval streets, squares, buildings.
Of course, curing his stay, Dante could admire the imposing charm of the castle of the lords who housed him, in its original structure, i.e. the Republic of Venice turned it into a fortress adding towers and the moat, which can still be seen nowadays.
The little medieval village which housed Dante can still be imagined walking along via della Terra, the street which crosses the most ancient part of the town. Here, next to the tall Town Tower, included in the enclosing walls by the Castelbarco, you can observ portals and facades dated 1600 and1700, remains of renaissance frescoes, such as in Noriller palace, or plaques which reminds to the illustrious people who lived there.    

Hotel Rovereto and environs