The legends of the Saints Vittore and Corona

Since 1096, when the building of the sanctuary was started on Mount Miesna, there is a rich documentation of the devotion of people from Feltre to the two martyrs, which feast is celebrated in May 14 every year. Another feast, called "San Vetoret", is then celebrated in September 18, in remembrance of the transfer of the bodies of the saints in the sanctuary.

Fruit of this devotion are the many legends about the lives of Vittore and Corona, their martyrdom and the arrival of the relics in Feltre. In the popular imagination, Vittore has become a Christian soldier from Feltre, who fought in Syria and was martyred with Corona, a virgin from Licopolis. His body, was then brought to Mount Miesna, in the church near the family's castle, by his companions.

According to another legend, when the bodies arrived on a chariot at the foot of Mount Miesna, the horses that were pulling it suddenly stopped. The men surrendered when, at dawn a poor old lady, to whom Saint Vittore appeared in a dream during the night, arrived with her two weak and thin cows. Even if at the beginning the soldier laughed at her, she eventually carried the bodies to the top of the mount with her two cows. In confirmation of this legend, along the path there are still the tracks of the two animals, committed in a so hard and important task, on the stones.