South Tyrol: 8 lakes with excellent water quality

The water quality of eight Lakes in South Tyrol has been upgraded. In the list of locations are: Large lake in Monticolo (Appiano on the Wine Road, Bolzano and surroundings), small lake of Monticolo (Appiano on the Wine Route, Bolzano and surroundings), Lake Caldaro (Caldaro on the Wine Route, Bolzano and surroundings), Lake of Fiè (Fiè allo Sciliar), Lake Costalovara (Renon, Bolzano and surroundings), Lake Tret (Senale - San Felice, Merano and surroundings), Lake Varna (Varna, Valle Isarco), and Lake Favogna (Magre’ on the Wine Road, Bolzano and surroundings).

To reward these beautiful South Tyrolean water mirrors, a monthly review was undertaken by biologists from the provincial environmental agency. Hygiene indicators, based on the four previous swimming seasons, allow for classification in four separate quality classes, and all the listed South Tyrolean Lakes have placed at the top. The results are also available online.

Due to a national law passed in 2008, water monitoring has become mandatory, with monthly sampling between April and September. To be compliant with the law, if the results of the analysis are negative, the lab is obliged to alert the municipality, which in turn must declare a bathing ban.