Antermoia, the village of wellness

The village of Antermoia is a small paradise for wellness-lovers in Val Badia, at the foot of mount Pütia and just a few kilometers away from Passo delle Erbe. Since a very remote past it has been famous because of the Valdander source, whose alkaline-earth waters have many healing properties. The small bathing establishment was created in 1820.

Antermoia has preserved the charme of a small mountain village, and yet it offers the advantages of a modern alpine tourist resort: excellent accomodations, ski lift in the center of the village, as well as a trail and a sledge slope around the Börz.

In summer you can easily discover the wonderful valley, for example by bike or doing nordic walking. Hikers and climbers will experience unforgettable emotions on the Pütia and on the other surrounding peaks.

Antermoia belongs to the Ladin territory: you will notice this peculiarity not only in the language, but also in the structure of the vilès, small settlements gathered around a small square, whose farmhouses (masi) still preserve the architecture they had centuries ago, and where you can often see old people doing traditional crafts.

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