Andreis is a small village of the province of Pordenone located in the north-west part of the Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia. Rising in the wonderful Valcellina valley, it is one of the municipalities included in the nature reserve Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane. Andreis is like a kind of open-air museum on mountain rural life, with its typical Dolomite Landscape, the lively traditions, the museum of rural art and the old churches. The area has some wonderful hiking trails and a practice wall. Many are the events organized during the year.

For its outstanding natural value, Andreis is included in the nature reserve Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane, and thus offers many wonderful hiking trails, like those leading to Forcella della Croce, Monte Raut, Pala Barzana and Prati di Albins. Especially interesting is the nature trail of Mont Ciavac, a loop trail offering some insights on the geology of the nature reserve. For climbers there is the practice wall Al Palazzo.

Andreis has also some historical and cultural attractions, such as the centuries old fountain in the hamlet of Bosplans and the Museum of Rural Life and Art, located inside the town hall in the main square. The museum halls describe jobs and lifestyles of the past and display tools in wood and bone. The 17 century Parish Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie has a beautiful gothic frontage, five altars and some valuable works of art, like the Madonna delle Grazie and the 18 century statue of Saint Sebastian. The Chiesa di San Daniele presents a quite original architecture and an 18 century portico. The church was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1864.

During the year Andreis hosts many interesting events: the Festa della Chiave, taking place at the end of August, every year in a different hamlet; Paesi aperti, on the first Sunday of September, is the perfect chance to learn something about the village and the area of Valcellina; and then there are of course the traditional Christmas Markets and the Route of the Christmas Trees and Nativity Scenes, in December.

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Protected area of Province of Udine and Pordenone

Regional Park Dolomiti Friulane, kmq 500
State Reserve of Prescudin, kmq 15