The best ski runs in the Dolomites

To make your winter holiday in the Dolomites all the more exciting, we prepared for you a list of the best ski runs. Some of the trails you find here are famous all around the world, since on them many World Cups took place. If you are a true skiing enthusiast wanting to feel the thrill of speed and always looking for a new challenge, you can't miss the chance to tackle these long and difficult black runs with awesome vertical drops and steep pitches, and while schussing down the slopes, you will enjoy some of the most breathtaking mountain views of the Dolomites.

The Ciampac run

The black Ciampac ski run is one of the most famous of the Val di Fassa valley, often used for international Super G and Women's Giant Slalom races. This quite technical trail has some difficult steep pitches and is 2550 meters long. The trail starts at an altitude of 2160 meters, but thanks to a 34% average slope gradient and a vertical drop of 660 meters you can reach the bottom in no time, at an altitude of 1550 meters, right in the center of Canazei.

The Olimpia ski run

This trail is a must if you choose to ski in the Val di Fiemme valley: the black Olimpia ski run starts on the Alpe del Cermis and is 7500 meters long, with an astonishing 1350 meters vertical drop. The trail winds mainly through the forest and has some steep pitches that are quite challenging: one of them reaches a slope gradient of 50 degrees. Between one steep pitch and the other there are level stretches where you can slow down and have the chance to admire the wonderful scenery. The trail is divided into three sections: Olimpia 1, Olimpia 2 and Olimpia 3; and is always in perfect conditions during the whole season.

The Agnello ski run

The Agnello ski run is on the Alpe di Pampeago, in the Val di Fiemme valley; you can reach it taking the 4-seater chairlift. With its many steep pitches, moguls and long schusses, this trail guarantees exciting races to skiers of every level. Its northerly exposure guarantees perfect snow conditions during the whole ski season, and in fact this trail is often selected for competitions. This black ski run is 2550 meters long and has a vertical drop of about 400 meters.

The Competition ski run

This trail is located on the Doss del Sabion, in Pinzolo. It is an 1100 meters long black ski run with a vertical drop of 300 meters. On this trail the Trofeo Topolino, a famous junior Alpine skiing race competition, takes place.

The Canalone Miramonti ski run

The ski run Canalone Miramonti is located in the famous winter resort Madonna di Campiglio. This is an extremely demanding trail with some major variations in slope gradient and a couple of sharp bends. This trail is also known as 3-Tre and has some steep pitches in its central section, a slope gradient of 40% and a vertical drop of 450 meters. The Canalone Miramonti, floodlit for nighttime skiing, ends right in the center of Madonna di Campiglio.

The Olimpionica Due ski run

This black 1200 meters long ski run of Andalo is since 2006 used by the USA national team for training. It's a beautiful and steep descent starting from the top of the mountain and ending at the beginning of Andalo, after a vertical drop of 307 meters.

The Col Margherita ski run

The ski run Col Margherita starts at an altitude of 2500 meters, at the top of the San Pellegrino Pass. This exciting trail, always snow covered thanks to its northerly exposure, is almost 3 km long, has a vertical drop of 650 meters and some steep pitches that less experienced skiers can avoid taking alternative routes. The first section of the trail runs under the Pale di San Martino, the last runs in front of the Costabella and the Marmolada.

The Tognola Uno ski run

The ski run Tognola Uno winds down for about 3 km from the Alpe Tognola, right in front of the wonderful Pale di San Martino. This FIS certified trail is included in the twelve best ski runs of the Dolomites and is often selected for Giant Slalom, SuperG, Special Slalom and European Cup competitions. Since it has large bends and constant variations of slope gradient, it's a good trail for both expert and intermediate skiers. Experts in particular will surely enjoy the steep pitch at the end of the trail.

The Direttissima ski run

The Direttissima is an extremely steep black ski run included in the Carosello delle Malghe, a series of connected trails. It starts on Punta Ces, at an altitude of 2250 meters, and ends at San Martino di Castrozza.

The Paradiso 1 ski run

The Paradiso 1 is a black ski run of San Martino di Castrozza for experts only, often chosen for competitions. Before facing its extremely difficult steep pitch, take some time to enjoy the wonderful view from the terrace near the beginning of the trail.

The Salizzona ski run

The Salizzona is a red ski run for intermediate and expert skiers where often international Alpine skiing competitions take place. The trail, located in Folgaria, starts on Cima Dosso, at an altitude of 1650 meters, and ends on the Folgaria Plateau, at an altitude of 1343 meters. This quite technical trail, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view, is 1 km long, has a vertical drop of 312 meters, two difficult variations of slope gradient and modern snowmaking machines.

The Gran Pista ski run

The Gran Pista is a famous ski run winding down from Monte Bondone, the mountain of Trento. The trail is 3.5 km long, has a vertical drop of 800 meters and a lot of variations of slope gradient. The first section of the trail is characterized by steep pitches, with level and broad stretches in between them. The last section is quite technical and runs through a wonderful and thick forest. This trail is one of the best thanks also to the breathtaking scenery: from here in fact you can admire the huge Viote basin.

The Saslong ski run

The Saslong is a famous black ski run for expert skiers starting from Ciampinoi and arriving at Santa Cristina, in the heart of the Val Gardena valley. On this trail every year in December the World Cup downhill race takes place. It is 3.5 km long and has a vertical drop of over 800 meters. The trail starts with a steep pitch followed by a level stretch, some bends and other steep pitches; in the final section you can gain a speed of over 100 km/h.

The Armentarola ski run

The Armentarola is a red ski run for intermediate skiers. This wonderful 6 km long descent, with a vertical drop of 1130 meters, runs through a breathtaking scenery and frozen waterfalls. The trail, connecting the Lagazuoi of Cortina d'Ampezzo and the Val Badia valley, has some steep and shadowy stretches. At the end of the trail a horse-drawn sleigh will take you near the hotel. From there you can take the ski lift to the Alta Badia ski area, or the shuttle bus back to the Falzarego Pass.

The Gran Risa ski run

The Gran Risa is a famous ski run of Alta Badia where World Cup competitions take place. This wonderful trail for expert skiers starts on Piz La Ila, at an altitude of 2077 meters, and arrives at La Villa after a vertical drop of 650 meters. The trail runs through a forest and has many steep pitches and bends. The last pitch, which is the longest and most difficult, leads to a gentle slope ending under the gondola lift.

The Schmugglerabfahrt ski run

The Schmugglerabfahrt is the most famous ski run of the Val Senales valley. The trail is 8 km long and has a vertical drop of 1200 meters. It starts near the cableway station at an altitude of 3212 meters and, after a long and steep descent, arrives at Maso Corto, at an altitude of 2012 meters. The first section is of intermediate level, but soon the trail changes into a black ski run with narrow and steep pitches.

The Foppe ski run

The Foppe is one of the best black ski runs of the Val Zoldana valley. On this trail, included in the Civetta ski area, women's Giant Slalom and Special Slalom races take place. It is 1424 meters long and has a vertical drop of 370 meters. In some parts the trail is steep and there are some wide bends. Intermediate skiers can try this ski run, even if it's a quite technical one.

La Bellunese ski run

The ski run La Bellunese, on the Marmolada, is the most famous and spectacular trail of the Alps. This is a record trail, both for its length (12 km) and for its vertical drop: more than 1000 meters. It starts from Punta Rocca (3270 meters), runs through the Marmolada glacier down to the Fedaia Pass and ends at Malga Ciapela (1446 meters). Even if not particularly difficult, this trail is certainly one of the most fascinating.

The Forcella Rossa ski run

The Forcella Rossa is a ski run in the area of the Tofane, in Cortina d'Ampezzo. It's an extremely spectacular and difficult trail, for expert skiers only, where women's World Cup races take place. The first section of the trail runs through rocky spurs and canyons with many variations of slope gradient down to the original section of the Forcella Rossa: long and steep pitches that only expert skiers should tackle and a final level stretch leading to Rumerlo or to the center of the village.

The Canalone Staunies ski run

The Canalone Staunies is a famous and extremely difficult ski run of Cortina d'Ampezzo, on the ski area Faloria-Cristallo-Mietres. One of the steepest in Europe, this trail is for expert skiers only. Frequently you can find ice on this dangerous trail, which is often closed.

The Paradiso ski run

The Paradiso is a black ski run starting from the Presena Glacier and ending on the Tonale Pass. Thanks to its northerly exposure it's always snow covered and open from November until almost the end of May. First opened in 1963, it's one of the oldest trails. Quite wide, it's a difficult ski run with a high slope gradient and a vertical drop of 737 meters. For expert skiers only.

The Spinale Direttissima ski run

The Spinale Direttissima is a ski run included in the ski area of Madonna di Campiglio. Narrow and winding, it has a lot of moguls. The trail is 3.5 km long and has a vertical drop of 585 meters. Expert skiers love it for its impressive steep pitches and for the many variations in slope gradient.

The DoloMitica ski run

DoloMitica is one of the most challenging ski runs of the Alps, and a classic of the ski resort Pinzolo-Campiglio-Folgarida-Marilleva. The run starts at Punto del Doss di Sabion (2100 meters) and ends in Tulot (800 meters), near Pinzolo. From the 2010-2011 winter season skiers can choose between two trails: the DoloMitica Star, 3,455 meters long with an average slope percent of 36; and the DoloMitica Tour, 5,750 meters long with an average slope percent of 22.

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