Ski run signs

The ski run signs for equipped ski areas, defined by the Italian decree of the Ministry of Transport on 20/12/2005, are similar to traditional road signs:

  • danger signs are triangular: they warn against danger of falling, the presence of a crevasses, humps or bumps, sharp bends to the left or to the right, high gradients, bottlenecks or crossings, snowcats or snowmobiles;
  • information signs are square: they indicate first aid stations, emergency call stations, cross-country trails for classical style or skating, snowboard slopes, ski centers or winter trails;
  • obligation signs are round: there are three of them, indicating that you must follow a given direction, wear a ski helmet if you are under 14 years of age or use the snowboard.
  • prohibition signs are round: there are seven of them, indicating no entry, or that you are not allowed to walk on the slope, to ski, to use sledge, skibob or snowboard or to ski in the wood.

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