What are we doing? Where are we going? Here you will find all information you need to spend your holiday in the best way: expositions, festivals, shows, concerts, events, international sport highlights or traditional festivals like Carnival or the Christmas markets.


Gran Premio Merano Forst

Gran Premio Merano Forst

Merano | from 27.09.2015 to 27.09.2015

In Merano, September is the month dedicated to horses; it’s in fact the time of the 76 Gran Premio Merano Forst. Europe’s most prestigious steeplechase was first run in 1935 and, besides attracting many horse lovers, the event has always been the perfect chance for the ...

Festa sul Salto a San Genesio

Salto Festival

San Genesio Atesino | from 20.09.2015 to 20.09.2015

The Salto Festival will take place in San Genesio Atesino on Sunday, September 20. During this huts festival on the Salto plateau, visitors will move from hut to hut and have a taste of local specialties.
This gourmet event is the perfect chance...

Sagra della Val Sarentino

Val Sarentino Festival

Sarentino | from 05.09.2015 to 07.09.2015

As tradition goes, from 5 to 7 September are dedicated to the ancient Val Sarentino Festival. Locals celebrate the event wearing traditional costumes: Loden trousers and felt hats for men; long black skirts, floral pattern aprons, bodices and fringed...

Le giornate del Vino a Caldaro

Wine Days in Caldaro

Caldaro | from 03.09.2015 to 04.09.2015

On September 3 and 4 the main square of Caldaro will host the 30 edition of the Wine Days. This traditional event is a good chance for visitors and wine lovers to try more than 150 labels produced by 18 wineries. There will be also a comprehensive en...

Giorno di San Bartolomeo

Saint Bartholomew Festival

Renon | from 24.08.2015 to 24.08.2015

Monday, August 24 is Saint Bartholomew’s Day, marking an important event on Corno del Renon. This day, here called Saint Bartholomew Festival, celebrates in fact peasants and their livestock returning from the summer mountain pastures of Alpe Renon.<...

Notti d'estate a Nova Ponente

Summer Nights in Nova Ponente

Nova Ponente | from 30.07.2015 to 30.07.2015

Summer Nights in Nova Ponente: for one night, on July 30, enjoy walks under the moonlight, taste delicious South Tyrolean specialties, admire the works of local artists, take your kids to mime and clown shows, and listen to live mus...

Bolzano Festival Bozen

Bolzano Festival Bozen

Bolzano | from 28.07.2015 to 05.09.2015

Bolzano Festival Bozen, this year at its 12 edition, is a renowned music festival taking place from the 28 of July to the 5 of September in the town of Bolzano. The event presents an impressive program of classical music concerts featuring the greate...

Alba sul Corno del Renon

Sunrise on Corno del Renon

Renon | from 26.07.2015 to 13.09.2015

From July 26 to September 13, don’t miss this chance to see the sunrise and take part to the event Sunrise on Corno del Renon. An early ride on the gondola lift will take you from Tre Sentieri up to Corno del Renon, where you can watch the sunrise slowly ...


Drodesera Fies

Dro | from 26.07.2015 to 02.08.2015

An art factory attracting artists from all over the word in a hydroelectric power plant: this is the international performing art festival Drodesera Fies. This festival shows the newest productions of emerging art trends of the Italian theater. Many ...

Notti di Re Laurino

King Laurin Nights

Nova Levante | from 22.07.2015 to 19.08.2015

From July 22 to August 19 the tourist resort of Nova Levante, in the Val d’Ega valley (Alto Adige), will host the King Laurin Nights. Three special nights, on July 22, August 5 and August 19, featuring delicious local specialties, night shopping (sho...